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My new Triumph Tiger 800

Groeten uit Nederland (,TX)

SCCA Autocross in Sebring, FL (2008)

At the Tail Of The Dragon again (four wheels are better than two ;-))
(April 2008)

Sailing my inflatable kayak on the Indian River
(November 2007)

My next motorcycle?
(Biketoberfest 2006)

Fishing on the North Sea
(September 2006)

Oerend hard!
(July 2006)

Prettiest car at the Daytona Beach Turkey Run 2005

Sometimes, having to go back home doesn't suck so much...
(Sail'05, picture from the roof of the IJ-Toren, Amsterdam, Aug 2005)

Lots of fun with Solo II racing (started July 2005):

I hate my job when they send me to Aruba ;-)
(btw, this bridge collapsed Sept. 2, 2005)

The horror, the horror... (back in Holland, March 2005)

In Japan they call this a hotel room...
(and they're quite surprised when a gaijin wants to get one)
(February 2004):

Holiday in the Caribbean (November 2003):

With my sister's baby girl (September 2003):

Vacation in New York (July 2003):

Last day at my previous previous job (June 2002):

Vacation in San Francisco (February 2002):