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OpenWRT support for NP25G

How to apply the diff

svn co -r9800 svn://
cd trunk
zcat ../openwrt-np25g-r9800.diff | patch -p1
make V=99
ls -l bin/openwrt-np25g.img

You can upload this image using the web interface of the original Compex firmware, or by holding the reset switch pressed while powering up and then doing tftp to on the LAN port.

  • support for Compex-style firmware images
  • support for Compex MTD partitions
  • configuration of VLANs on ADM6996F
  • added package definition for curl, live555, & strace
  • adapt package definition for recent wisoc madwifi support
  • misc bugfixes
  • I don't have time to keep the patch updated against the current OpenWRT trunk. Sorry.
  • wireless has only been tested lightly, in STA mode only.
  • ADM6996F configuration is hardcoded in the kernel: eth0.1 = LAN (4 ports), eth0.2 = WAN (1 port)
  • if you want to use the latest madwifi: they renamed the madwifi-hal-2008-08-15 branch to madwifi-hal-testing
EricRoot Lammerts,
Oct 24, 2011, 1:36 PM